Earthquake early warning for everyone

Our client, in the Seismic Equipment and Oil & Gas Pipelines business, was looking to use their seismis detectors to provide early warning alerts to the general public.
The equipment is able to detect seismic events 9 seconds in advance, allowing a warning distribution system to notify the population. This would give them time to pull-over if driving, take cover, move to a safer location, etc.
We proposed and built the following:
Seismic sensor data is collected by centralized nodes. These nodes analize the data and post an alert to an API endpoint deployed on the Cloud.
The endpoint, using Firebase, distributes notifications to all registered clients.
Mobile applications, built both for Android and IOS, receive the alert and notify the user accordingly.
An administrative web application is also part of the solution, where our client can configure zones, application access tokens, monitor status and response times of the system, image resources used during the notification process, etc.